Monday, August 8, 2011

Giants, such as Bro. Damien Simon

Today, there was an incident. Another of God's flock was taken at an unexpected time. Bro. Damien Simon was not just the strong, silent type, but also very friendly and quick with a smile. To say he was as consistent would be an understatement. When we were working on building our current church building, he ran the machine that compacted the soil for the foundation. When inspected, the earth was so consistently and thoroughly the ground was packed, the inspector was shocked. He had never encountered a job so well done. This has been an example that I have come to always associate with Bro. Damien Simon. Steadfast and dauntless. Now, after an unfortunate accident, he has gone home to be with the Lord. I have no words for the depth of my sorrow...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan, O-bama, bambi

As a martial artist, focusing my training on the Japanese styles, I am a fan of Japanese art, history, culture, engineering, food, and discipline. Since the days after WWII Japan has been a strategic ally of the United States, giving us a foothold in southeast Asia. Now Japan is in historic crisis. Tens of thousands are missing and most are presumed dead. Infastructure is gone, cities have been erased, nuclear plants may be melting down. Humanitarian aid is in need, and US based charity is asking "Should we donate?" Our imposter president is working on his March Madness brackets and planning a vacation to Rio.
America, what is happening to you? Where is the country I love? The country that has always given till it hurts. Where is our leadership? Why isn't O-bama leading an international charge to help a friend? Why? Maybe because our financial sould is owned by the Chi-comms. (Chinese) A friend and I were planning a trip to Japan in about 18 months, and as long as the radiation levels are safe, I still want to go. I want so badly to give to the people of Japan. I want to help rebuild. Of course, we have yet to rebuild the Twin Towers... but that is another angry rant for another time.
Monday night, on the commute home, one of Ohio's dumber deer decided to play chicken with my Black Grand Prix (Roxy). The deer lost. Insurance adjuster is going to look at the car today to see if the car lost too. I am ok, just a few scrapes and cuts from the driver's side window exploding in on me. ODOT has already collected the animal, so it is not on the side of the road. Anyway, there is my post, and maybe I will remember to post more frequently for my followers who refuse to join Facebook. (You know who you are)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Waterboarding, General Pershing, Maynard Kids.

Praise God! They found the 13 year old Maynard girl that has been missing... unfortunately, her brother, mother, and mother's friend are still missing. The guy who was in the house where she was found has been arrested and is not cooperating with the investigation. This dirtbag has already done time for arson in Colorado.

Not cooperating? Really? In my county? I would START with waterboarding. Oh yes, I am one of those (military vet) guys who says waterboarding is NOT torture. If that does not work, I would look to Lieutenant General Pershing's example for further aggressive interrogation.

Just after WWII, General Pershing was put in charge of the American forces in the Philippines. There were some muslim terrorists who where causing some trouble back then. So what did General Pershing do with 50 of the tango prisoners? He lined them up in front of a mass grave, slaughtered some pigs, had the firing squad soak their ammo in the pig blood, and shoot 49 of them, then bury them with the swine carcasses. He then let the last guy go, so he could tell his no-goodnick friends what happened. There were 0 terrorist acts for about 40 or so years after that, in the world.

Brutal, yes. Nasty, yes. Unsavory, absolutely. Effective, beyond the shadow of a doubt. I say get aggressive with this dirtbag to find out where the other 3 are.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall of a Hero?

I recieved word over the radio that a real life hero (not some distant celebrity), is accused of a terrible thing. I am not going to focus on the allegations, but the impact of this tragic situation. I have had many "celebrity" heroes, and many of them have failed in one way or another (with the exception of "Wierd" Al Yankovic, he is still awesome). I have never experienced the impact of a real life hero's failure. This pain, confusion, this shaking of my perceptions is new to me. All humans make mistakes, and that is expected; however, when you achieve greatness on some level and then fall from such a height, the shockwave shakes the ground. The dammage spreads to others. Forget about the "healing" process, we are still in the dammage control phase. It is unknown how many people will be hurt, confused, dismayed, or just plain jaded from this. Achieving greatness seems to be the easy part, maintaining greatness looks to be the real test.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shanna Ninja

I am a Dad! This little ninja kicked her way out 08 MAY 2010. She is already mastering the nunchucku and is becoming a force to be reckoned with in her use of shuriken.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Sunday, November 15, 2009


Well now. Yesterday was great. Enjoyed time with Mrs. Ninja, had a great kids class, and a new student in woman's self defense.

I tell ya, kids class has to be one of my favorite times of the week, though maybe the most exhausting. The energy level of the kids is truly wonderful, and it seems every week, they want to do more, try harder, and get hungrier for the "meat" of martial arts. It is my job; however, to make sure that they can "chew" the little pieces of "meat" that I give them. Sure, it is a lot of games, but what they may not realize is that the games are geared to train responses. Blocks, dodges, jumps, crawls, rolls and so on. I taught these little ones the art of "shrimping" which will become a regular part of warmups. Shrimping is very useful when one starts to do groundwork/grappling.

My friend from a major "legacy" airline attended class yesterday. It was a very light workout from my perspective, but I could tell there were parts that started to push her a little. Hammerfist drills and combos were about as intense as it got for that class.

Came home and the Mrs. and I went out for dinner. Chinese! Woot! I am so glad her "morning sickness" is all but gone. It is sooooo good to see her enjoying things again. Anyway, it is Sunday, and I need to get ready for church. Bro. Maki is preaching both services today and I cannot wait. I am going to pull my Sunday School class this morning to hear what the Lord has given Bro. Maki to share with us. Woot!